This morning, mommy and daddy had to say good-bye to you, but your love and spirit live on within the pack. We will miss scratching your pits, playing belly bongos, and listening to your wookie impressions. We will miss your loving gazes and ‘crazy eyes’ both. You can rest easy knowing you did your jobs well: making sure daddy was ok whenever he coughed or sneezed and helping mommy write through both dark and bright days. I hope there is an automatic chuck-it that will keep you outracing all the other dogs wherever you are. Meebie, your putative nemesis (we know you secretly high-fived each other on your Oscar winning performances when we weren’t looking), misses you too. Hopefully, you’ll find the Binx of the pack, she preceded you in eternal sleep. May you both curl up by the fire together again and remember us fondly. ‘Guy’ and ‘Hog’ are here whenever you want to visit us in our hearts and dreams. Your body may have given up on you, but our love never will. Free dog.

3 thoughts on “Requiem for Gurty, Beloved GSD

  1. I am so sorry, send you and Gabrielle a hope for moments of breath in your grief. So sorry.

  2. Wow , An Amazing Eulogy, I am so sorry for you brother. I had to send my Nugget over 3 weeks ago and I still miss him. Stay well my brother.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to a blessed and well loved dog. She lives on in your heart and her ears will perk every time you speak her name.

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