I recently ran into some problems trying to connect to an Amazon EMR Hive instance with my Macbook Pro. After getting frustrated by the lack of success following the instructions on the Tableau Drivers site, I was finally able to get connected; so, I decided to pass along what works for me.

First, download the Simba Hive ODBC driver from AWS:


Unzip the files, navigate to the OSX folder and click on the disk image (AmazonHiveODBC.dmg)

If the install fails because it wasn’t downloaded from the iTunes Store, run it by doing the following:

  • Open system settings
  • Click on the Security & Privacy icon
  • The failed AmazonHiveODBC should be listed as the bottom as “blocked from loading”
  • Click on the “Allow” button
  • Supply your admin username and password
  • The driver pkg will launch

Accept the standard install.

Ignore all the verbiage on the tableau site about having to create a system DSN (ODBC) connection as you will not be able to input some needed parameters.  Instead open Tableau, hit connect, and choose Amazon EMR as your connector.

Choose the following options:

Server: your_server_name

Port: your_port_number

Type: HiveServer2

Transport SASL (your mileage may vary, so you may have to choose a different one)

Username: your_user_name

Password: your_password

That should be it.  Click sign in.

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